Reflections Winners



Visual Arts

1st Place—Lila Wolf

2nd Place—Evie Jayne Hipps

3rd Place—Sadie Kunzman

Participants: Mae Donabello, Nora Porcello, Harris Divita, Vivian Rivera



1st Place—Lila Wolf



First Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place—Suzie Stubbs

2nd Place—Sky Caesar



1st Place—Ruby Resnick

2nd Place—Collin Palen


Second Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place—Vivian Smith

2nd Place—Ava Frederica Lakhansing

3rd Place—Anderson Divita

Participants: Eli Kierbow, Harper Langton, Grant Rosser



1st Place—Matteo Poole

2nd Place—Caroline Molley

3rd Place—Collin Molley


Third Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place—Kingston Caesar

2nd Place—Lily Rountree

3rd Place—Jackson Wolf

Participants: Sydney Albertson, Eli Atkinson


Visual Arts: Special Artist

1st Place—Joseph Hall



1st Place—Alyssa West

2nd Place—Reagan Wehr

3rd Place—Michael Motsek



1st Place—Jackson Wolf


Fourth Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place—Lila Hedlund

2nd Place—Violet Paul

3rd Place—Madison Oakes

Participants: Marley Jackson, Bella Papevies, Lance Rosser



1st Place—Violet Paul

2nd Place—Hayden Langston



1st Place—Nina Porcello

2nd Place—Cooper Courtney

3rd Place—Jules Mixer

Participant: Mason Baird


Fifth Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place—Olivia Kantenwein

2nd Place—Lydia Paul

3rd Place—Nicole Luis

Participants: Elizabeth Porter, Sophia Knerr


Visual Arts: Special Artist

1st Place—Katie Brodersen



1st Place—Caitlin Marshall

2nd Place—Olivia Jackson

3rd Place—Ella Atkinson


Film Production

1st Place—Aahana Karanji


Music Composition

1st Place—Phoenix Caesar


Dance Choreography

1st Place—Laney Grey Davis





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